The Vibe of Wedding Venues in VT

Are you looking for a Vermont Wedding Venue?  Congratulations! Either you, or your family member is getting married!  It’s a big day. In fact, it’s the biggest! This website is a wonderful resource for you and your family to start planning the perfect wedding celebration.  Here you will find a selection of Vermont Wedding Venue profiles to help guide you along your path of selection! What fun!!!! We are so excited to help you find the right venue for you!  That is the most important part of your wedding – finding what works for you! Every couple is different, we love that!

Wedding Venues in Vermont are relaxing, stress-free, and surrounded by nature. This site introduces couples to our favorite Vermont Wedding Venues. Each venue creates a unique, but incredible atmosphere. These places take your wedding day to the next level of relaxation, and fun! The best aspects about weddings in Vermont are plentiful!   Here are some great reasons to choose a Vermont Wedding Venue!


Scenery is a huge one.  Green rolling hills turn to brilliant red, orange, & yellow foliage in the fall, then to gorgeous white snow in the winter!  The landscape itself is beautiful, and old buildings still stand as a testament of Vermont’s farming Heritage. When the sun shines on a faded old barn, the rustic simplicity is truly beautiful!  


Vermont-made products are also world-renowned!  Maple syrup can be enjoyed in many forms; in candy, soft serve ice cream, coated nuts and treats, or just straight from the jug!!!!  Cabot cheese, ben & jerry’s ice cream, cold hollow cider, etc. etc.


Recreation cannot be forgotten!  Skiing, kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, fishing, bicycling, snowmobiling, off-roading, etc. etc. are the perfect activities for wedding guests to enjoy on their trip to the green mountains!!  Wildlife is abundant and beautiful as well! Vermont offers many museums and wildlife habitats.  


Relaxation!  Vermonters are kind, relaxed, and loving people.  You are treated like family and are able to slow down, and breathe here!!!  Take a deep breath, exhale SLOWLY… now doesn’t that feel great!!!