How to Choose a VT Wedding Venue

Vermont offers a trove of wedding venues that offer simplistic, rustic, and relaxed elegance! 

How should you go about choosing the VT Wedding Venue that is right for you?  That is the simple and correct answer. Choose the one that is right for you! There are a lot of factors that will determine this!  Below we have provided some frequently asked questions of this regard.  


What visual style do you want at your wedding?  Do you want a rustic elegance theme, modern, or a combination of both?  The sky’s the limit. Pinterest is a great inspiration! A site tour of your venue will give you the best idea of if this is the aesthetic you are looking for!


What vibe do you want at your wedding?  How do you want the atmosphere and ambiance to be?  Charged up and raging! Or calm, relaxed, and zen!! Either are great!  What activities does your venue allow or include can be a great question to ask, and also for you to ask yourself what activities, if any, do you want to provide for your guests – AKA bean bag toss, horse shoes, etc. etc. 


Where will your guests stay?  That’s a great question to ask.  Or where do you, the couple, want to stay!  If you want your guests to enjoy Burlington, and be able to roam around the city for the weekend, pick a venue that is within 30 miles!  If you don’t care about the Burlington scene, and want your guests to experience hiking or skiing, then pick a destination close to those activities, or one that is a little more remote!  Nature heals all hangovers!!? Perhaps! It is good for the soul anyhow!!!! Also, Is your venue easy to find? Yes, remote locations are gorgeous! But make sure uncle Jim can find the place and isn’t arriving during your wedding ceremony!


Is the staff nice at the venue?  Is the staff kind, helpful, and do they communicate well?  It’s the perfect indicator on how your wedding day will be.  Your vendors should be prompt to communicate regarding the details and all of your questions.  They would be happy to help you, and never annoyed by any “inconvenience.” It’s never an inconvenience to help a client when that is your job!!!!  Vendors and staff are the key to your wedding’s success! So make sure they are friendly and helpful!!!