Vermont Wedding Venues

Welcome to an overview of the best Vermont Wedding Venues ! If a vintage and rustic feel is for you, then this is where it’s at!!! Here you will find a list of VT Wedding Venues to consider to make your day unforgettable!

Featured Vermont Wedding Venue
The Mansfield Barn

The Mansfield Barn is conveniently located 30 min from downtown Burlington, VT in the small town of Jericho. Travel is easy from I-89 ! The venue is located near a main paved road, and no SUV or 4WD vehicles are required to get there! This barn is a wonderful choice among Wedding Venues in VT !

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Barn At Boyden Farm

A wedding barn with amazing 360 degree valley views! This venue captures Vermont rural scenery to its fullest. Corn fields, mountains, and vineyard show the true farming roots of Vermont! If the scenery wasn’t incredible enough, the farm has a winery on site. which is a separate space that can be used for rehearsal dinners!

Inn At Grace Farm

This Vermont Wedding Venue offers insane views of the green mountains, and a wonderful inn for your wedding party / guests! The barn is expertly crafted with beauty and style! The perfect place for a dance party!

Maquam Barn & Winery

Located in Milton, Vermont, our unique location and beautiful views will be the perfect setting for your Vermont Wedding.  Just 25 min from Burlington!

Sunset Vistas

This lake view is unmatched! Sunsets are out-of-this-world! Behold a gem on Lake Champlain to host your Vermont Wedding! Just 50 minutes from Burlington, VT – a minor distance to travel when you consider the knockout location for this venue!

The Whitcomb House

Conveniently located on Rt 15 in Essex, VT, the Whitcomb house offers a beautiful wedding barn, and additionally an inn for the wedding party and guests to stay!

Barns At Lang Farm

With two gorgeously restored historical wedding barns to choose from, the Barns at Lang farm allow a couple to fully customize their Vermont wedding! Both barns have lofts with private rooms, and the larger barn has a deck with incredible mountain views! Landscaping outside the properties is meticulous and you will fall in love with the Barns at Lang Farm!

Catamount Country Club

This venue offers amazing mountain views of Camel’s Hump! The food is done in house by veteran chef Bobby, and is to die for!!! Guests also get to take advantage of the golf course! Well done!

Spirit Of Ethan Allen Cruises

Cruising lake Champlain is a magical setting for your wedding! Sunsets over the Adirondacks will take your breath away! Being out at sea will melt all your cares away and take you sailing into matrimony in style!!!

Windy River Farm

“Historic, Country Chic, The Grand Dame of Vermont Wedding Venues.” These are but a few of the words that describe an incredible wedding barn venue nestled in the foothills of legendary Jay Peak.  Over 120 years ago the foundation was laid, and the erection of this magnificent post beam structure was begun.  Today it has been painstakingly restored to the glory of its past in remembrance of those master craftsmen whose workmanship can be seen throughout. To brighten your special day and those of your guests the interior is graced with eight Grand Versailles designed chandeliers and various Antiques.  All of this located on 234 beautiful pastures overlooking the Missisquoi River surrounded by stunning mountain vistas. 

How to Choose a VT Wedding Venue

Vermont offers a trove of wedding venues that offer simplistic, rustic, and relaxed elegance! 

How should you go about choosing the VT Wedding Venue that is right for you?  That is the simple and correct answer. Choose the one that is right for you! There are a lot of factors that will determine this!  Below we have provided some frequently asked questions of this regard.  


What visual style do you want at your wedding?  Do you want a rustic elegance theme, modern, or a combination of both?  The sky’s the limit. Pinterest is a great inspiration! A site tour of your venue will give you the best idea of if this is the aesthetic you are looking for!


What vibe do you want at your wedding?  How do you want the atmosphere and ambiance to be?  Charged up and raging! Or calm, relaxed, and zen!! Either are great!  What activities does your venue allow or include can be a great question to ask, and also for you to ask yourself what activities, if any, do you want to provide for your guests – AKA bean bag toss, horse shoes, etc. etc. 


Where will your guests stay?  That’s a great question to ask.  Or where do you, the couple, want to stay!  If you want your guests to enjoy Burlington, and be able to roam around the city for the weekend, pick a venue that is within 30 miles!  If you don’t care about the Burlington scene, and want your guests to experience hiking or skiing, then pick a destination close to those activities, or one that is a little more remote!  Nature heals all hangovers!!? Perhaps! It is good for the soul anyhow!!!! Also, Is your venue easy to find? Yes, remote locations are gorgeous! But make sure uncle Jim can find the place and isn’t arriving during your wedding ceremony!


Is the staff nice at the venue?  Is the staff kind, helpful, and do they communicate well?  It’s the perfect indicator on how your wedding day will be.  Your vendors should be prompt to communicate regarding the details and all of your questions.  They would be happy to help you, and never annoyed by any “inconvenience.” It’s never an inconvenience to help a client when that is your job!!!!  Vendors and staff are the key to your wedding’s success! So make sure they are friendly and helpful!!!

The Vibe of Wedding Venues in VT

Are you looking for a Vermont Wedding Venue?  Congratulations! Either you, or your family member is getting married!  It’s a big day. In fact, it’s the biggest! This website is a wonderful resource for you and your family to start planning the perfect wedding celebration.  Here you will find a selection of Vermont Wedding Venue profiles to help guide you along your path of selection! What fun!!!! We are so excited to help you find the right venue for you!  That is the most important part of your wedding – finding what works for you! Every couple is different, we love that!

Wedding Venues in Vermont are relaxing, stress-free, and surrounded by nature. This site introduces couples to our favorite Vermont Wedding Venues. Each venue creates a unique, but incredible atmosphere. These places take your wedding day to the next level of relaxation, and fun! The best aspects about weddings in Vermont are plentiful!   Here are some great reasons to choose a Vermont Wedding Venue!


Scenery is a huge one.  Green rolling hills turn to brilliant red, orange, & yellow foliage in the fall, then to gorgeous white snow in the winter!  The landscape itself is beautiful, and old buildings still stand as a testament of Vermont’s farming Heritage. When the sun shines on a faded old barn, the rustic simplicity is truly beautiful!  


Vermont-made products are also world-renowned!  Maple syrup can be enjoyed in many forms; in candy, soft serve ice cream, coated nuts and treats, or just straight from the jug!!!!  Cabot cheese, ben & jerry’s ice cream, cold hollow cider, etc. etc.


Recreation cannot be forgotten!  Skiing, kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, fishing, bicycling, snowmobiling, off-roading, etc. etc. are the perfect activities for wedding guests to enjoy on their trip to the green mountains!!  Wildlife is abundant and beautiful as well! Vermont offers many museums and wildlife habitats.  


Relaxation!  Vermonters are kind, relaxed, and loving people.  You are treated like family and are able to slow down, and breathe here!!!  Take a deep breath, exhale SLOWLY… now doesn’t that feel great!!!


A Blog about Vermont Wedding Venues and what makes them so fit for weddings!  It’s all about finding the vibe and energy that works for you!  Our blog will include many aspects of VT Wedding Venues that you may consider for your own venue!  Cheers to the newlyweds!!!!! Our goal is for this blog to help you plan your perfect day!  What a great venue does is provide an atmosphere that promotes relaxation, simplicity, perhaps some rustic elements, elegance, and FUN !